Here’s a snippet from “Long Day’s Night.”

     Sabrina looked him up and down, licked her lips and stroked her throat.  She panted lightly, then graced him with a come hither smile and slipped into the darkness between the two brick buildings. He growled and followed her.  The look in his eyes was sexy scary.

     She stopped and backed up against a brick wall.  She felt Heidi directly above through their link.  It was very reassuring.

     “This is not your first time, is it?”

     Her first thought was the German accent wasn’t as harsh as on TV and the movies.  His left hand cupped her cheek as he pressed close.  Her eyes fixed on his mouth as it opened, exposing his fangs.  She so wanted those fangs inside her flesh, too.

     “Get off her,” Sable said as she and Heidi landed to either side of him.

     They lunged at the Euro-vamp, thrusting with their katanas.  Sabrina pulled her pistol and knife as he surged straight backwards until he slammed into the brick wall.

     “You can’t escape, Korbinian,” Sable said.  “You’re reign of terror ends tonight.”

     “You must be Black Heart,” he said.

     Sable smiled.  “Good.  You’ve heard of me.”

     “Nothing good, I assure you.”  He stood straight, as if they were no threat to him.  “Say goodnight, girls.”